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Interesting Teepee ideas for children - Tips to set up decor.

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Teepees are conical tents made of skins, cloths, or canvas on a frame of poles. They are portable and are easy to setup. These portable conical tents can be deployed outside and inside the house. 

They are a safe place for children to set their toys and play in those tents. If you’re thinking to set up a teepee for your child, and looking for ideas or themes about how you can decorate it. Then stop wandering anymore as we are here with the best teepee ideas for boys and girls.

Bedtime story decor

Put on some twinkling lights on the inside of the tent to put on real story mode at night. Use a dark shaded teepee and a light-toned twinkling light to put your baby at sleep as you sing him a lullaby or tell an interesting story from his favorite book.

Comfy-setting decor

For a comfortable setting in a teepee, throw in some soft cushions or a rug, mat, or sheepskin. If your child came all tired from the school, make this setting and let him experience the comfiest setting ever. 

Favorite-toy setting

Children get excited when they see their favorite toy or their favorite superhero. You can adjust the setting accordingly. For instance, your child likes FLASH, wouldn’t he be excited to see the Flash-setting Teepee? Throw in some Flash pillows, otherwise, put a combination of red and white cushions. 

Other than making teepees as of the fav-toy/superhero theme, you can simply put their favorite toys in there too. They’ll totally love it. 

Train setting

All boys love trains, it is even proved scientifically. So, there is a significant amount of chance that your kid loves train too. You can set up a train’s track in the teepee to make an interesting setting for your kid.

Make memories with your kids as the train whistles and leave the station. 

Setting up a learning environment 

Every parent knows what are their kid’s interests. If your child wants to be a pilot or an astronaut. Make a space set in the tent and play with your kid and teach him the basics about his passion. 

If your child wants to be a firefighter or a teacher, you can always manage the setting accordingly. Put a dictionary or a small vocabulary book in there too to teach your kid a better grammar. Avail this opportunity to have fun and teach valuable lessons to your kid at the same time. 

Things to consider:

After setting up any kind of decor in the teepee you need to be assured of the children’s safety. You don’t want to be hurt when having fun. So here are a few things you should consider while setting up a teepee:

- Look for any pointy thing that might harm your child. Remove them.

- If you have decorated the house with lights, make sure that all the wires are covered and kids can not come near them. 

- Don’t let the children in, until you’ve made all the safety measures.

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