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This is a BRAND NEW lamp and teepee clamp, designed and made by "The Teepee Store". Canadian company. Patent Pending!


This Lamp is LED and battery operated (3xAA), safe to use, doesn't get hot. Battery sold separately.


Teepee Lamp designed for 4 sides teepee (for any kids size with round poles with diameter not more then 5/8"). It is easy to use. For installation you will probably need a help of a second person. Perfect to use together with Small and Medium sizes teepees from my store.


This Lamp could be perfectly used as a clamp for 4 sides teepees. The teepee will more stable on the wooden floor.


Demensions: 17cmx17cm (6 2/3"x 6 2/3")


Very soon we will create an installation video instruction on youtube. If you will have more questions - just let us know. 

LED Lamp and Clamp for Teepee Tent

C$35.00 Regular Price
C$28.00Sale Price
  • 1) Open the teepee.

    2) Hold the lamp by the ropes. There are 2 ends.

    3) Place the lamp into teepee and move rope's ends outside of teepee through the hole on top of tent.

    4) Here you may need a help of second person to take ropes outside of tent and hold it.

    5) Split 2 ends and pull them on opposite sides of main knot on top of teepee. 

    6)Tight ropes on top of main knot.

    7) Move wooden plate inside of Teepee until poles stock into cut-outs.

    8) Tight rope nicely again. Make sure all poles stay in cut-outs, You may need to move poles a bit.

    9) Make a good knot or tie a bow.

    10) enjoy your new lamp inside the teepee:)

  • Owner and designer: "I made and sold probably around thousand or more of teepees. They all are lightweight for safety reason. But the common problem could be a wooden floor. Poles can slide and move on slippery floor. I always wanted for some ideas how to fix whole teepee so it won't slide.. I have tried lots of ideas and this was the best my project ever. I designed this wooden plate and with help of another beautiful artist Kate Kravetsky and her Laser Gallery (link to her shop: www.lasergallery.etsy.com ), we produced plates with perfect size for my teepees. I decide to add LED Lamp to this clamp to make it looks nicer and have another great function in one device. This new Teepee Lamp was very popular on the show where I have presented it. Now it is available online to purchase! If you have round poles not more then 5/8" diameter and 4 poles teepee -it will work perfectly!"

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