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About Us

   Hi, we’re The Teepee Store - thanks for coming to our hideout!


   My name is Yana and I’m a mother of creative children who would much rather make their own fun than play with mass-produced toys. 


   I remember the magic and excitement of creating pillow forts when I was a kid, finding secret spaces to hide in or explore and letting my imagination run wild. I believe that there’s just no substitute for good old-fashioned pretend play, which is what sparked my imagination in creating the TeePee Store. 


   I made my very first teepee for my kids by hand. I remember the wonder they felt when they set their eyes upon it for the first time. They didn’t know that things like teepees could be “made” instead of bought. And they fell in love with it - so much that they had to take a nap in their new “castle” that same day. It instantly became their space, a place where they could read, make crafts, sing, tell stories, play games, and feel cozy. 


   I was so inspired by how they reacted to their first teepee that I decided to make more. A little word of mouth advertising started a company that I am wholly passionate about because I get to add a little magic and imagination to the lives of little ones and their families. 


   Today, The Teepee Store has stayed true to its roots as a small business. We have since expanded our skills and product offering to include teepee tents for pets, as well as decorations, floor pillows and mats, and lighting. We are based in Canada and can ship all items to the USA. 


   Just like our first teepee tent, we continue to make all of our pillows, mats, tents, and decorations by hand (and two sewing machines). We hand select all of our fabrics and use only those that will stand up to an active childhood. Because of our methods, every item we produce is as unique as the child who will be using it. And you can rest assured it will be made with love and care so that your family will get as much enjoyment from it as possible.


   We invite you to shop our current collection of quality, unique, handmade teepees for kids and pets, along with our custom pillows, mats, and lighting decorations. Create a space they’ll love today and remember for years to come!

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