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The Teepee Store is a small business powered by one lovely mother and wife, Yana.

Of course, everything starts from Yana’s kids and their first tent, inspired by teepees, made by her.

We all made some shelters and forts with pillows and blankets in our childhood. Back in 2015, Yana decide to make something what will be not only a fort for kids, but also a nice decor accent in a family room. Her kids was so excited they even had a nap in their new little “castle”.


From that day “word of mouth” and a bit local advertisement worked well.

The main idea of this Canadian company is to produce a good quality product for kids and adults. All our tents, mats, pillows and decorations are made by hand and 2 sewing machines. We use good quality fabrics, decorations and materials and most items are unique.

The Tepee Store is not a big manufacturer with standard line of models. Almost each our model is unique and made right for you, that is why our client always can ask customization and production time will be as little as 1-5 business days.

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