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Making a Cozy Corner for Teens

The benefits of a cozy corner know no age. They’re great for being a place of comfort where you can go rest, relax, and recharge. Read a book, sip some coffee, and let the sounds of music or rainfall carry you away. As it turns out, teens enjoy these same benefits, too.

Let’s face it: Being a teen is tough business. The stress of tests, homework, and social pressure is enough to make any teen moody (not to mention their hormones!). Finding ways to deal with stress is a plus, and the earlier they learn, the more resilient they’ll be going into adulthood.

Making a cozy corner in your teen’s room (or anywhere else in your home) can be an excellent way to encourage them to practice self-care. Plus, it gives them a way to escape the world while still being safe at home.

Here’s how you can create a cozy corner for teens with very little effort.

Choose an Inspiring Spot

If your teen is spending most of their free time holed up in their room, you might be thinking their cozy corner should anywhere but there. But remember the goal of creating this space for them is to get them to actually use it.

Therefore, your cozy corner locale should be a place that inspires your teen. For example, if they love daydreaming, you might create a corner near a window so they can gaze out and let their minds wander. Or, if they’re partial to a certain room in your home, consider adding your cozy corner elements there.

Remember, cozy corners don’t always have to be “corners”. You can create similar spaces with teepee tents or similar structures to separate the area from the rest of the room.

Add Warmth

Part of what makes a cozy corner “cozy” is what you put into it. Comfort is everything, which is why we recommend adding cushions, pillows, blankets, and lighting to your space.

For example, if you’re using a window seat or bench, adding a full-length cushion can be more comfortable than a hard, bare surface. A warm, furry blanket adds visual texture and warmth, plus it can add to their comfort level. Floor cushions, throw rugs, pillows, and lamps are also functional pieces in the space.

Make It Unique

Last but not least, you can add decorations to jazz up the space and make it truly theirs. If your teen is creative, encourage them to make their own art pieces to decorate their cozy corner. Or if they have a favorite colour, have them choose decor pieces in those colours to reflect their style and personality.

Next Steps: Create Your Teen Cozy Corner

No matter how you choose to create a cozy corner for your teen, know that it can be one of the most beneficial gifts for their health and well-being. Teen years are tough, so giving them a space where they can relax and de-stress will have rewards for years to come.

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