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Top tips to keep your kids entertained during the school shut down!

entertain your kids during the school shut down

As the Coronavirus outbreak continues to cause devastating problems around the world, schools across Canada are closing down to try and contain the spread of the virus. This has left many parents facing a difficult time as they try to keep their children entertained whilst at home as well as maintain some of their educational studies.

Here at The Teepee Store, we understand the pressure parents are under so have put together five top tips to keep your kids entertained during the COVID19 school shut down with our range of child-friendly teepees...

1) Cannonball attack!

If you’re the parent of multiple children, then a great game to play in the garden is ‘Cannonball Attack’. Separate your kids into opposing teams, with mum and dad as Captains. Each team has their own ‘ship’ to guard and a number of soft balls to use as cannonballs and the aim of the game is get as many of your teams cannonballs into the opposing team’s ship!

Whilst you could create your own pirate ships, our AHOY! Pirate themed play teepee tent is a great to use as a ship, or for any adventures that you might be planning on the seven seas!

pirate blue nautical marine teepee play tent

2) Visit Jurassic Park…

Kids love dinosaurs, so what better way to teach them about the great beasts that used to wander the earth that in our special Jurassic Park themed tent. For those who are a little older, you could even create the ultimate dinosaur themed movie night and host it in the teepee!

Dino Jurassic Park boy's play teepee tent

3) Princess Tea Party

If you are looking for a great activity to play with your little girl, then hosting a Princess Tea Party is the perfect way to while away an afternoon. Make yourself some tasty treats, bring out all of the stuffed animals and create the perfect afternoon for a princess.

Of course no true princess party would be complete without the perfect venue, and our Ivory/Pink Mix Frilly Princess teepee comes mixed with lace and soft fabrics and can be used indoors or outdoors.

princess tea party play teepee tent for girls

4) Hole a camp out

As social distancing becomes more common over the next few weeks and months, the idea of getting away on a camping trip is unlikely. So why not bring the great outdoors, inside? Host a special camp out in your house or garden and teach your kids about camping, insects and various wildlife.

Our Happy Camping tepee features bright camping themed patterns and prints, making it the perfect base for you and your children to hold a pretend camp out.

5) Reading session

Get away from the hustle and bustle of life and the countless use of electronic devices and have some quiet reading time with your kids. Each week, choose a short story for you to work through – either they read to you or you read to them.

To help escape the outside world, create a set quiet area away from distractions. Our Grey and White Stripes Combo tepee creates a calming and peaceful environment perfect for any reading session.

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