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Material: Poly/Cotton canvas and 100% cotton lining.


In Stock and ready to be shipped is Medium Size WITH window!



Introducing a boho-style play teepee tent designed for girls, crafted from durable dark-grey heavy fabric. The top of the tent features a charming pattern of cute boho-style foxes, bunnies, and raccoons, surrounded by feathers, flowers, and adorable tipi tents, all crafted from 100% cotton.
This play teepee creates an enchanting space for imaginative play and exploration, where your little one can embark on magical adventures in the company of these whimsical woodland characters. 🏕️🦊🐰🦝🌸
 #BohoStyleTeepee #WhimsicalAdventure #ImaginativePlay


Please pick the colour for floor cushion and/or cotton balls string light. make a note. If it won't be any notes, we'll ship items as on picture.


             STRING LIGHT SPECS:

             10 balls. Cord length between light: 4" (10 cm). Total length: 47 1/2" (120 cm)


             FLOOR CUSHION:

             Broadcloth. Approx. size 100x100cm (40"x40").



Basic Price does not include pillows, floor mats or decorations.

Racoons Foxes Teepees & Bunnies Grey Play Teepee Tent

PriceFrom C$185.00
  • SIZE WxLxH, cm WxLxH, inch

    # of Kids

    could fits

    Small size (4 walls) 105x105x120
    Medium size (4 walls)
    120x120x130 47x47x51 2

    Large size

    (pentagon shape)

    approx. diameter


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