> Medium size NO window is in stock and ready to ship.

> Medium size WITH window is in stock and ready to ship.


Material: Cotton/Poly blend.



Grey and blue colour bears pattern all around the teepee top, blue lining on doors of tent, outside pole's sleeves in blue and white triangles pattern. Very cute and durable kid's teepee which could be the best toy for any gender kids. Durable fabric and calm colour. Perfect decor piece for nursery room.



Please pick the colour for floor mat and/or cotton balls string light. make a note. If it won't be any notes, we'll ship items as on picture.


             STRING LIGHT SPECS:

             10 balls. Cord length between light: 4" (10 cm). Total length: 47 1/2" (120 cm)


             FLOOR CUSHION:

             Broadcloth. Approx. size 100x100cm (40"x40").



Basic Price does not include pillows, floor mats or decorations.

Bears Grey Taupe Blue Teepee