Material: 100% cotton 



Small size - W 105x H 120cm (41" X 47") . (Fits 1-2 little kids)

Medium size - W 120x H130cm (47" X 51"). (Fits 2-3 kids)

Large size with 5 sides - W160cm x H140cm (63" X 55"). (Fits up to 5 little kids)



Just the right amount of frills on the door's edges, top of doors and very top edge of teepee.

White OR Ivory color Poly/Cotton fabric on your choice. On pitcture is a WHITE teepee.



Please pick the colour for floor mat and/or cotton balls string light. make a note. If it won't be any notes, we'll ship items as on picture.


             STRING LIGHT SPECS:

             10 balls. Cord length between light: 4" (10 cm). Total length: 47 1/2" (120 cm)


             FLOOR MAT:

             Broadcloth. Approx. size 110x110cm (43"x43").



Basic Price does not include pillows, floor mats or decorations.

Double Layer of Frills Princess White OR Ivory Teepee

PriceFrom C$184.50