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How to assemble kid's teepee.

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Hello, my dear friends.

I am starting my blog today with important instructions for all my customers.

A very common question from my clients is: "How can I wash my teepee?".

Yes, all my teepees are washable and despite the fact that teepees already assembled, once in a while, it needs to be cleaned. Kids are so kids...

Actually, it is very easy to disassemble and assemble back our teepees, but for some people, it could be a challenge.

I have attached a picture on how to assemble a teepee to understand it easier. I prefer to save some trees and upload instructions here for everybody.


Although I did a nice looking instruction (I guess better than those Made-in-China, I have to explain it.

Kid's teepees from The Teepee Store could be made in 3 sizes (Small, Medium and Large size).

Small and Medium sizes made in square shape and have 4 walls and 4 wooden poles.

Large size is made in Pentagon shape and has 5 poles and 5 walls.

But the idea of assembling will be absolutely the same, just add an extra 1 pole.

1. So, we have at least 4 poles (5 poles for Large size teepee), canvas teepee, attached cord on top of the fabric (new feature) and one separate cord.

2. Picture A on instruction shows the 4 poles that are already pushed into the sleeves on canvas.

Pole's sleeves could be located inside of the canvas:

Inside pole's sleeves

Outside pole's sleeves.

Or outside of canvas:

Or outside of canvas:

More convenient to start pushing poles from the bottom of the canvas. Make sure you pushing the top of the pole first which is easy to find by the drilled hole on one end (see instruction).

Leave about 1 inch of the pole outside of the sleeve on the bottom of the canvas.

Also, picture A shows the eyelets on canvas and attached cord to the canvas (red color line). This cord helps to hold the canvas of teepee, so the fabric part won't slide down on poles during usage.

3. Pictures B and C show how another cord (black bold line) should be attached to the poles.

Pull the cord through each hole on poles and under the attached cord between two poles on sides (make sure you did it one by one and not in chaotic order). This movement needs to tight the attached cord together with poles.

4. Open teepee fully on the bottom as it ready for play.

5. Place all poles on top one by one.

6. Tight the rope on top, wrap few times around poles and make a good knot.


Add some decorations, light and cushion to have the best experience.

Play, Enjoy, Have Fun.

P.S. If you still have some questions, you can always contact me by email for details:

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