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Mini-Quest "Pictures"

Looking for ideas to entertain your kids? I have one for you.

Kids loves Quests! My kids was so excited and inspired by mini-quest I prepared for them.

I found this idea on Russian web-site.

We so much like it, so we translated this quest even in RHYME on English language together with girls.

We had so much fun!

At the end was a sweet surprise!

Check this short video how mini-quest went:

Here is an instruction:


Page 2 to print.

Page 3 to print

Page 4 to print on the back of page 2 and 3.

Be creative, hide better so kids spend more time to find a hint, while you can drink a glass of wine.

But do not hide it so they will tired after an hour of looking for a hint:)


Let me know how it was :)

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